1. Mission
Our success is based on our good reputation. We strive to maintain and improve this reputation as we endeavor to be honest, responsible and have a respectful attitude towards our customers, partners and employees.
The most important advantage is the credibility in the services rendered by as. This advantage is built during the past 22 years of Controltest Ltd development.
The mission of Controltest Ltd., into one so dynamically changed technological world, is to affirm and maintain highest quality of the control activities carried out.
We support superimposing of professional standards, which correspond to high criterions of services quality.

2. Vision
The vision of Controltest is:

  • To be an innovative company in the field of testing services and the conformity assessment, providing reliable and safe operation of equipment.
  • To be a leader in providing sustainable service, by the means of securing safe and reliable operation of the equipment inspected.
  • Continuously strive to enrich our product portfolio in order to meet constantly increasing customers demands.
  • To provide high security for our partners, by submission of high quality services on case by case bases.

3. Values

The values of Controltest Ltd are fundamental for thus distinguish us out of the other similar from other similar companies in this industry sector. On a daily bases our employees are guided by the following values:
  • safety firstMaintaining the regulatory documents requirements are essential for the execution of our duties. When it comes to our employees, we always put safety first.
  • EthicsWe are honest, trustworthy and reliable. The integrity is a foundation of our actions, our behavior and the relationship with all our partners.
  • Respect commitmentsWe keep the commitments we took to our clients and partners. We work in a manner that our business to have a positive effect to their business too.
  • Striving for perfectionWe are trying to be the best in everything that we do and our work to be at a world class level.

The team of Controltest Ltd, presents its most sincerely thanks to all loyal clients and partners!!!